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Painting has become one of my favorite ways that I worship God.  It is also a time when God speaks to me.  Sometimes he gives me more clarity or revelation about a verse from the Bible that I am painting.  Sometimes he tells me to paint something, and gives me understanding later.  Sometimes he shows me the finished painting in my imagination, and then explains what it means.  I always enjoy engaging with God through my art.  My hope is that you are blessed in reading my painting adventures that I have had with God!
Flaming Roaring Lion
My Redeemer
Beauty For Ashes
The Eagle Has Landed
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Alabaster Jar
Elements of Holy Spirit
Joel 2:28
Flaming Lion of Judah
Hearts on Fire
Psalm 91
The Invitation
Glory Mountain
My King’s View
Revelation 19
Ten Names of Jesus
My Chosen Warrior Child