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All of these paintings were painted during worship or during a sermon either in a church setting or at a conference.  I have had to learn techniques to increase the speed of my painting to ensure that the painting is completed by the time the service ends.  I have re-painted many pictures that I painted during worship, spending more time, and adjusting them.
Transformation May 2011 at a ladies retreat
The Intimacy Doctrine May 2012 during a sermon
Enter Dreamers February 1999 at a conference
Essence of Worship May 2013 at a ladies retreat
Lion of Judah June 1999
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God’s Dream Boundaries February 1999
The Burn - Calgary April 2011 during worship
The Epic Battle January 2012 during a sermon
Flagging and Worship July 1999 at a conference
King Jesus October 1999 during worship
Prophetic Word for 2009 January 1999